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Our Music Department fosters a love for learning in the arts. The curriculum builds students’ musical skills through vocal and instrumental development while encouraging them to be creative through projects and repertoire. Our music program immerses students in various music styles across different historical periods, cultures, and backgrounds. The instrumental music program develops a deep understanding of instruments in the woodwind, brass, percussion, string, or keyboard families, while the vocal music program develops a deep understanding of the anatomy of the full-body vocal mechanism. Scholars participate in rigorous daily practice and preparation for performances locally and nationally.


  • Band
  • Guitar
  • Orchestra
  • Piano
  • Vocal Music

Principal Performing Ensembles:

  • Voices of Excellence
  • Voices of Caliber
  • Voices of Distinction
  • Voices of Eminence
  • Men of Valor
  • Jazz Band
  • Symphonic Band
  • Concert Band
  • Orchestra

Contact Information:
Jeffrey Corso | Band
Michael Pla | Guitar
Anthony Newman | Orchestra
Matthew Edwards | Piano
Chrystial Hudson | Vocal Music